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Borneo Ant House

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Borneo Ant House, stands tall as a unique tourist destination in Malaysia that projects one of the nation's finest Art, Culture and Nature. There are 10 stations to visit around in Borneo Ant House. Borneo Any House takes the concept of the any nest underground which has a lot of compartments.


The Underground Gallery

  • The Ant Sculptures
  • Decorated with handmade sculptures thrills visitors who are not lovers of creepy creatures.
  • Traditional Culture
  • The traditional costumes of local ethnic groups such as Lotud Dusuns and Bajau Samahs of Sabah and the Bidayuhs and Ibans of Sarawak portray the colourful and beautiful people of Malaysia.
  • The Swords Gallery
  • Since Borneo is also known as the land of headhunters, Borneo Any House proudly presents you a collections of swords from Borneo including swords used for headhunting as century ago.
  • The Fishing & Paddy Farming
  • Closest to the hearts of the Lotud Dusun and Bajay Samahs. This section of the gallery displays the tools and equipment used for these activities.

The Modern Tree House

  • Functions as a dwelling place for the owner. It is decorated with pictures and achievements of the family in sports and others.

Traditional Houses

  • These traditional houses of the Bajau Samah and Dusun Lotud are still found in Tuaran and Kota Belud districts.

Canopy Walk

  • Suspension bridges are common in Sabah. These bridges are linked to Sandalwood trees and Mango trees.

Ant-Tertaining Lab

  • "Any Petting" is a new dimension and horizon to open up the minds and hearts of the young ones. Here you can see live ants doing their chores and building their nest in formicariums.

Handmade Ant Sculpture & Art

  • Malaysia's Biggest Ant Sculpture


  • Child below 4 is free of charge.
  • OKU is free of charge.
  • Child 4 to 6 years old entitled 4 to 6 years old price.
  • Child 7 to 12 years old entitled 7 to 12 years old price.
  • 60 and above is consider as senior.
  • 13 years old and above is consider adult.


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